East becoming the West and why I’m heading there

In the east there are some of the so called rising economic powers which refers to the developing economies such as China, India and Russia. In the west the “necessary” has been achieved and the peak of development has been reached. This results in the increase of weakness in a nation, not because of a lazy population filled of it’s needs but because of a deeper root cause of the problematic system itself.

The origins of the social system is of a very problematic origin, meaning that the difficulties  in the creation of a sustainable system created an ambitious struggle to improve livelihood. The solution to this problem however created other problems that we are facing today. It is the nature of human beings to create problems in order to solve them and to improve. This has been happening from century to century where the direction has been more or less the same. First looking for bread, then looking for more and more elaborated goods to satisfy the hunger until everything we have fought for has backfired and threatens the very existence of life itself.

This is the turning point where it looks as if time stands still for a moment, however fear has taken over a great deal of our lives. In fact this is the next evolutionary step to a totally different direction or we will perish along with the system.

What’s interesting about the east is that this point in evolution takes a different shape. Still enjoying the benefits of a rising system, thriving and working hard to become better. Such a nation is more open to embracing the change and everything novel. While the west has to overcome a huge depression to be able to overcome this conflict.

That’s why the powers in the east will go ahead of those in the west. A good example in China is the Beijing kung fu show which has become an overwhelming success all over the world. They too started from scratch and a poor show however thanks to the suggestions of the international crowd that the production team has embraced the show evolved into one of the greatest kung fu shows in the world.

I’m going for a business trip to China and meeting up with China Heaven Creation production team. I come from the super economic origins of the states however what flips my mind is that when I think that in a moment like this we should be learning from the Chinese, it is the Chinese who are willing to open up and listen to western authority. But this is just because they are so smart that they know that their success is still dependent on the west and think they can not use it for fear like in the west but as a huge field of knowledge for improvement.

Another show is held at the Chaoyang Theatre which is facing the threat of destruction located in the heart of the business district. The economic power is so strongly thriven that they seek to destroy everything that’s old and embrace the new. This is the weakness in China that will cause a lot of turbulence and chaos, that the roots have been very much lost. Roots that once use to be extremely strong and powerful are now something unconscious conflicting with the modern way of living.

The nation will be forced to go back and face their history at some point. This also however can become of advantage eventually but such deeply rooted culture molestation is something that does not recover fast.

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