How Does The Lazy West Defend Itself Against The Hard Working Asians?

The Asians respect hard working conditions. It’s interesting to think about how the west which is not used to working so hard competes with it in the global world.

Everyone who has visited Asia has seen the differences in culture. In fact the differences are often seen as opposites. The east represents the collective mind set which emphases on obedience and respect towards authority. The west is the individual based, jewish-christian society with high liberal values.

The east thinks first of the family and then the society as a whole. What makes it so interesting is the strength in values with often very traditional origins. For instance, communist China is not going to confront Europe and the United States politically or ideologically but with tradition originated values such as Taoism or Confucianism.

On an average Asians are more satisfied with their life’s and economy than Americans. The west is starting to admit that which is the first step in confronting the issue. Many books has been published that analyze eastern values in a new light. Understanding of the real nature of competition will eventually lead to action against or for the eastern might. Therefore what will happen is yet to be seen but such an attitude does give positive light to it!

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