An Artistic Approach to Asia

In aid to my approach to the asian corporate mogul, I have further started approaching the Asian art world. These are thoughts I have gathered so far.

An artwork from another culture is unknown, that’s why I think an attitude that you know nothing about it is the best approach. Once the knowledge of a foreign culture widens you can realize that it was true that you knew nothing about it beforehand. History, languages, religions and everything else that you encounter in a foregin culture are unknown. This makes it all exiting and exotic, worth learning.

Even though the world is globalizing through media and possibilities of travel, cultural differences are still standing and should be understood.

Asia is a huge area, where you have an enormous amount of people with an old cultural heritage. Europeans have stigma as a colonialist mindset as art has been long transported to European museums without permission. Still these explorers have done important documentation work of their findings. The modern day world has changed drastically and the west itself is becoming a sort of museum where the population decreases and ages as companies become less productive.

Asian countries have as much in common as much different in art. The understanding of art should have a certain level of cultural understanding. Asian art, especially in Japan has greatly influenced western art. Before historically and nowadays through the movements in popular trend. A good example is the Manga cartoon movement, which is thriving in the west.

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