Corporations: The Good and the Bad

There are as many good corporations as there are bad ones. For the smaller it can be a challenge to learn from big corporations but very possible indeed.

The globe is still run by the big corporations and the phenomenon shows no signs of disappearance. The Chinese have shown the well. Because of their huge scope in size, in its safety they can make big investments where others cannot afford to.

When Chinese companies own all the ports in Africa and the railroads leading to them it is also those same moguls that get the profit. These kinds of scenarios are becoming a reality day by day. So instead of corporate power changing it is the ownership that changes. This contains the risk of power going to the hands of just a few people who run the show.

What the smaller companies are learning in return is to find different routes to power. I believe in one day people will have had enough and make use of true innovation.

Follow the story between China & Africa here.

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