Condeming Communism: Is the US Any Better

Take a common notion that communism is the worst possible system a government could have. Some even think that the nation of 1,3billion is the single biggest threat to the economies of this world. But is China rightfully condemned as such? Perhaps an answer lies in looking into your own belly and seeing if the democratic US really that much better.

The Chinese call themselves as Communist, but in fact they are some of the best capitalist in the world. You don’t have to look far to see that their position in a capitalist world is very strong and it is simply delusional to think that one could achieve such power without playing the capitalist game.

As for the US, they have abandoned old principals of a market economy, which are still used in the republic. Jim Rogers once stated that: “At the moment California is more communistic than China”. It is fair to say that his observation has only strengthened over the years.

While China could have been a great partner in creating balance in the world economy, it is know considered too late for west to be saved. Too long has the western powers been holding on to their believes on the corporation and according to some, this is where the great danger is lurking.

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