Postagon Blog Tricked Their Customers to Forced Payment

I wanted to raise my voice a little bit about something I am very passionate about. It’s about methods how businesses lead their customers to a paying role.

Nowadays with increasingly many “free services” for different reasons.. it has become increasingly difficult for “payed services” to succeed. Taking the role of a payed service, many businesses want to invite their customers to join the services as a “free service”. Having engaged users into using the service, comes up the subject of possible or even mandatory payment.

There is nothing wrong with this in many cases and it can even increase the level of service since users can test out and get to know the service before fully engaging in it in payment form.

However unfortunately many businesses use this to trick their customers into paying. Perhaps the most increasingly popular method is starting up your business with a completely free service.

Only after the product has become very popular the company will declare that from a certain date, it’s users will have to pay for it. Already having used it for a significant amount of time, without paying one will loose the rights to the service.

And yes, I did recently come across one such shamefull company. The Postagon blogging service did exactly this.

My first response is to quit using the service, even though letting go is an annuancance and non-convenient. I encourage everyone else to do the same and not put up to this kind of appoling misbehavior!

The worst thing in the case of Postagon is that they claim as if they didn’t plan this from the very beginning. This is an absolute lie and an insult to their customers.

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  1. Marjorie says:

    I know what you are talking about. This happens so often that normally people don’t bother to even lift a finger about it. Indeed, it’s time to move on.

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