Comission a Way of Life in China

In the collective country of the peoples republic of China, there is a consensus that any benefit must be rewarded in one way or another. Knowing this rule, people tend to “get between things” in order to seek for that benefit. This notion has reached until the extent, that simply knowing about a business transaction might obligate the transactor to share a part of the profit.

This system is not all bad at all, at least compared to the western world. Similarly it attracts suspicious people who have no real interest in providing a real counterpart for the money. But that happens just about anywhere in the world.

You could think of it as “Chinese outsourcing”. One such interesting example is the Red Theatre in Beijing where most of the tickets to the show are sold by commission through different licensed travel agencies. This enables the theater to concentrate on what they do best, performing arts.

The turning point of this story is that while Chinese are considered greedy and money orientated. This actually shows unselfishness as such theaters or other venues, shops could actually get all this profit for themselves. The sense of sharing profit is actually quite astonishing and makes you think why the Chinese economy is painted black in western societies.

In my humble opinion, to put up an amazing show such as the one in red theatre without the greed of harvest all the possible profit and willingly sharing commission with everyone is rather impressive and admirable.


  1. Mitchell Perz says:

    Thanks to this, there are a lot of opportunities in China left where as in Europe is more strict and feeds the mainstream. Will China ever change? It will be exiting to see.

  2. Lloyd says:

    While China IS abundant in commission based marketing systems, it’s good to remember that the west as well. They are just more subtle and organized so they are left more unnoticed.

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