Business Going Strong in China

Many people see the growth of China and problems of growth.. however I see little talk about the internal problems Chinese people have inside the corporations. For one, I think there is often a fairly big problem with management within a company.

It’s like an air of confusion roams around a lot of chinese businesses. Unable to control things as a whole and grasp the managing part of it all. For this, nowadays a common help is recruiting foreigners to “keep things cool” so as to say.

Perhaps some have not noticed, but the only reason Chinese economy has been growing so rapidly is because of western colaboration. Yes, new “self sufficient” companies are emerging, and a lot of them in the country. Thanks to exchange students who come back to bring the trade of management amongst other skills. But nomatter how amazing companies there are nowadays, everything is totally dependent on this equation of bad Chinese management in colaboration with “good western”. What ever that is.

Food for thought. Dumplings for breakfast. –Judie

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