A Reflection From Beijing

Previously I gave my insight in my blog, about how the east is becoming stronger than the west. And how the acrobatic beijing is such a good example of money streaming outwords from the west and inwords to the east. Now with Chaoyang Theatre going stronger with three massive spectacles, per day.. we can see however that there is some unbalance in the works. Tourism is a good way to examine the wealth of the population, because only those who have extra to spend, travel. And tourism has it’s ups and downs according to the western economic situation. Acrobatics however, simirlarly makes your stomach go, up and down when watching the show.

Now the situation with tourism has significantly increased and the rest of the year seems more positive than the previous “not so positive” years. This is because the west and the east are dependant on each other. If money poors into the east, this is also benefitial to the western societies.

Instead of being scared, we should embrace this unbalanced influx. I think it shows us how in modern times, when we are becoming more and more dependant on each other. We need to think in ways that are more flexible, and give room for expantion, contraction.. between countries, within the country. The corporate model is no longer working for us, there needs to be more small players and the internet has revolutionized that all.

Why China kicks ass is that there, the small man has an opportunity like no other. The west dropped from that game when it went BIG and stopped supporting the foundations of the society. The “small man”. But no fear, the west is coming back and making room for more opportunities. They are just a little different and come in different shapes and forms. So it’s a good time to focus your direction on Beijing and see what good can we reflect to the west from that!

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