Even Toy Businesses Are Going Online

As we have seen a increased trend of businesses, going online for the past few years it hasn’t surprised at all. With building an online shop becoming easier and cheeper just about anyone can do it. However there are more borders to online shopping then the website and server it runs on. Despite these limits, they are being overcome too with increasing speed!

While buying clothes, shoes and accessories on the internet is common place already.. I was surprised to see children’s toys and games take over the business too. True, some of the toys being bought are brand toys that are already known. But according to the online shop retailer (and fellow career mom) “Emma Laine” from Finland, they have seen a huge increase in people doing “window shopping”, for toys.

Incredibly so, this means that children are doing toy shopping together with their parents on the computer. This is something remarkably different to normal shopping toy shopping behaviour. Such limits have been overcome with trust, both towards the customer and the online shop. While customers are able to return the goods easily and cost effectively, it is also considered by the store, that most customers are responsible enough not to make purchases without proper buying decision.

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  1. Carolyn Jones says:

    Web stores are extremely career driven nowadays. Good examples here!

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