Traveling Mom & Family Acrobatics From London to Shanghai

Often I think of being a mom like acrobatics. While not just career driven, it takes a lot of tricks and skill to achive a successful upbringing. Just recently I was listening to the song “I think to myself what a wonderful world”, I believe by Louis Armstrong. I don’t actually know if it’s originally written by him or not but anyway it’s a beautiful song. Looking back at all the incredible acrobatics I have done in order to raise up my children whom are in their teens already and one of them well into adult life as well. This song makes me think of even the difficult times, with happiness and everything positive, sweet and so on.

How often is it, that you spend a good time back, reflecting all the times you have. Including the incredible. Like our family trip to London, England for example. Which ended up in a years stay, in the beautiful countryside. That was a funny move, but our family loved it. As a career driven mom, it hasn’t bothered my children that we’ve traveled a lot. In stead it’s been embraced as an opportunity to learn about the world, about culture and just about everything in between and bit on the side as well. London is a great place which we have visited often ever since.

Circus World Shanghai

The other trip that has had a profound impact on the lives of my family is China. Working in Shanghai was one of the biggest challenges in my life and for the whole family. Indeed, this were some of the biggest acrobatics skills I have had to face. Much like the Shanghai Circus World which is a performance as incredible as the one the has been performed in our family on a daily basis. Sometimes when we went to see the show, not only did we see ourselves in it, but it made us feel good knowing that there were other people that were trying just as hard. In fact, not just trying but making it in the end as well. There is always hope, no matter what. That’s what we learned back then, and we thank all of China and the people of this proud country for that.

Of course, a lot of us expats travel there driven by the corporate America. But a vast majority of us, come back with a positive message, a message of happiness. Indeed, Chinese are the best in being happy with little. I admit that I was very busy during those times, so the very rare visits to the Circus World were one of those things that connected us while living in Shanghai.

Acrobatic Show Shanghai

Interestingly the show is called “ERA” -Intersection of Time which further resembles the “ERA” that I was living as a single mom. I always feel that I am in some intersection or other, but what is for sure is that time is much faster than before. Especially in Shanghai where everything is growing and developing at huge speed! But on the positive side, the fight is ever stronger on the non-corporation side of life and all kinds of small businesses are blooming. In fact, the Shanghai Circus World was just originally just one of those small time businesses with a tremendous success story. And I believe, that there are many more such beautiful stories to come.



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  1. Mark Noon says:

    I love to show in Shanghai. Circus world has never been better, great insight & post. Thanks!


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