New Donation Web Project Looking for Hostnine Alternatives

A career mom as myself had no problems learning how to blog and do simple things as install themes and plugins on WordPress. However sometimes the nerdy stuff is just too much and I need some help from my dear colleagues. We are now thinking of starting a bigger project, with a global setting in mind. While not starting a new career here, we simply found the most amazing team to get together and do something with passion. That is, to help people are to gather donations from different parts of the world. It’s interesting to think, how the internet revolutionised the “donation business”. And I say business because that is what is always is. There has to be people from profit from it, to not think in that way is simply denial.

But, we have another approach to this. We welcome the business side of it and give that business to those who are indeed. We want to create an organisation, that will not only be for the benefit of the most unfortunate but also, something that will help the locals themselves to build a business on. This will ultimately promote self sustainability and lessen the negative side effects of creating donation dependent nations.

We need websites, for different parts of the world and many of them. And while my understanding of the technical problems for spreading such information all over the internet. There were many, that were recommending Hostnine as a web hosting company to accomodate different locations around the world. However, we were not very happy with the customer service as we approached them with our numerous questions. Afterall, we are looking for a company that we can become lifetime parters with. Preferably a host that can support our donation efforts and give us a good price and special service. Something not easy to find, especially when looking for multiple locations!

But luckily one particular post of Hostnine alternatives came to the resque. We have been studying the information and concluded that Reseller Club will provide the best deal for all our global hosting problems. They even have a server in India, which is one of our prime targets for this project. One of the reasons why I brought up the web hosting issue, is that I wanted to ask for your comments and experience. We are still thinking about the final settlement, while our web design team is working hard on bringing this project to light as soon as humanly possible.

Also I am curious about the issue of multiple IP hosting, if that is something relevant or what we should consider for the donation web sites. All I can say, that a lot of the project is still very secret but already we have come very far so I am able to talk this much about it. I’m confident that it will be successfull even without our initial plans to partner together with the Hostnine team.

We are here to help, in an authentic way. So please, anyone who is reading this help us too to help each other. We need less dependence and more sustainability for this world to become a better place, as soon as possible!

Thank you!

Your Career Mom

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