Chinese Business Show Career at Golden Mask Dynasty

I have never been into advertising, and also this time I will not fall into the category of plain promotion. But sometimes I have been so impressed on how companies, or corporations such as the Golden Mask Dynasty handle the situation and create mutual benefit within the world. As many of you may know, I have been venturing around China looking for business opportunities that are classified as “alternative’, or “different”. Even I don’t always know what I am looking for, for all I know is that China is filled with huge business opportunities that can be used with great care or abused. I for one, is a firm believer of mutual benefit where all parties work together with equal opportunities. Incredibly so, right in the heart of China, there are many businesses which dare to confront the conventional hirarchy structure of business. This is done with very unconvential and inspirational methods, of which I am following closely just to look for even more benefit within the wide landscape of world business, as well as trade.

Golden Mask Dynasty Show Beijing

As mom, and someone who has climbed up and down the corporate ladder, I have lost hope on many businesses within this world. But this doesn’t mean that I would be pessimistic in anyway, it just means that realities must be felt and dealt with. I can only thank all the opportunities to meet with great minds in China and my latest, greatest meeting with the OCT Theatre managers was a very fruitful event indeed.

They are the producers of the huge success and theatrical performance well known as “Golden Mask Dynasty Show” in the capital Beijing. Chinese theatre has been always close at heart, which has created a natural pull to collaborate with these events and venues of all sizes, and kinds. I have seen how the administrators and managers come from all walks of life. China is a very colorful, and multi-colorful place where high positioned entities are not afraid to show their real skin.

But what amazes me is the pure power to go on and improve day by day. Already having achieved an acclaimed status is never enough and the actors are put into extreme pressure at times. Where western such theatre companies would say enough, the Chinese go forward with huge strength. The key has nothing to do with endurance, it’s all about pride, dignity and unity. Perhaps the most important being the latter, where these hard working members of the show are more than glad to be together in a fighting team. Now they are looking for more people to collaborate with, and I encourage our readers to get in touch for them. Many, many business opportunites are being created in Beijing and this one tops them all. At least so far!

Best Regards & Nihao!
Judie “Mari” Clay.

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  1. Mildred Jenks says:

    The Golden Mask Dynasty is a spectacle that is less known in Beijing, but I can say that it has been one hell of a career for them already. Probably one of the best spectacles in town! Check it out guys and thanks for the awesome post about it.


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