The Corporate World of French Department Stores

The streets of France are a constant fashion show. It is no wonder, then, that big corporate department stores have a cultural importance that can’t be denied, and that it is them who lead the huge sales the country has every winter and summer. If you are looking for some retail therapy while on your trip to France, then a trip to the following department stores is an absolute must! Or check out the valuable tip below on finding just about all your shopping needs on-line, and best of all, everything in the English language.

Galeries Lafayette

First opened in 1894, the successful department store has become one of the biggest and most well-known stores in the world. The beauty of its building, combined with its great prices has made it into the second most visited landmark in Paris after the Eiffel Tower. The Galleries now have stores in five countries, and 63 French cities.


Opened in the mid-19th century, the store has often been called the most elegant in Paris. Its luxurious Art Nouveau style, its ingenious marketing strategies, and the high-quality of its product are the reasons for its success. Today, it receives millions of visitors per year, and it is considered an emblematic symbol of French fashion.

Le Bon Marché

This store has made shopping the way we know it today. It was the first to create the idea of shopping for fun, fixed prices, and money back guarantees. The store also began to standardize clothing size, made fashion available to working classes, and revolutionized the world of clothing stores by creating the idea of the department store as a haven for its shoppers.

Amazon France

For those who like to shop with the comfort of their home (or hotel of that matter), a viable option well known on a global scale is the French Amazon on-line department store, located at the address While the above stores might be historically significant and carry the best, as well as most interesting luxury goods. Here you can get just about anything and with often enough decent prices, also you would probably like to know that home delivery is free and extremely fast for most purchases. Another factor to take into consideration is the ability to deal without the constrains of the French language, simply see this guide for the French Amazon in English for an in depth look to the process of shopping there.

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