About Career Mom

Judie "Mari" Clay

Good day my dear readers, it’s a while since I have introduced myself and thanks to that, I will have to give some proper thought to it. My name is Judie Clay, but my friends call me just “Mari”. It’s a name from childhood which is not really my real name, but just a nickname. I live in California, but with restless feet as mine it is difficult to stay put. That’s why after I left my professional career life, I have dedicated my life to travel, exploration and awareness. These three go hand in hand with my philosophy of the world, where I try to discover and be aware of corporate structure along with how it effects all of our lives. My blog has seen many changes over the years, and finally it has come to a form that I like best. It hopefully expresses who I am and what I am interested in. All with the possibility, which is enough, that someone may benefit from it and learn about business and how we can make things better in a holistic point of view. Which is my favourite of all the many points that I have and will make over the years.

I am also a mom of course, which is something that growing older has been easier and thus allowed me to travel more. While having my adventures, and blogging about it, responsibility to be in contact with my lovely daughters is always something that I carry.

I hope you are all enjoying the “different corporate” experience.

Let the career mom speak!

Yours truly.

Mari or Judie Clay.