A Business in The Cloud

It has become increasingly evident that in modern day life technology has become an essential in managing a business. Moreover this technology must be connected to the internet in order to maximize the effects of benefit.

Known as “The Cloud” is a virtual computer environment that runs on a server machine and runs different tasks that can be used online. While traditionally internet servers were located in ones own business facilities, it is far more efficient to run these servers on the same computer.. usually located in a virtual machine server facility.

This kind of cloud server enables a company to run numerous tasks, such as a web server, mail server, book keeping, contacts and calendars all can be managed through it. The cost of such a setup is minimal in comparison with the costs of manual book keeping.

It’s incredible how the location is no longer important.. this server could be located in Finland while the business is in the united states. It doesn’t really matter as long as this virtual server has a proper connection to the internet.

Postagon Blog Tricked Their Customers to Forced Payment

I wanted to raise my voice a little bit about something I am very passionate about. It’s about methods how businesses lead their customers to a paying role.

Nowadays with increasingly many “free services” for different reasons.. it has become increasingly difficult for “payed services” to succeed. Taking the role of a payed service, many businesses want to invite their customers to join the services as a “free service”. Having engaged users into using the service, comes up the subject of possible or even mandatory payment.

There is nothing wrong with this in many cases and it can even increase the level of service since users can test out and get to know the service before fully engaging in it in payment form.

However unfortunately many businesses use this to trick their customers into paying. Perhaps the most increasingly popular method is starting up your business with a completely free service.

Only after the product has become very popular the company will declare that from a certain date, it’s users will have to pay for it. Already having used it for a significant amount of time, without paying one will loose the rights to the service.

And yes, I did recently come across one such shamefull company. The Postagon blogging service did exactly this.

My first response is to quit using the service, even though letting go is an annuancance and non-convenient. I encourage everyone else to do the same and not put up to this kind of appoling misbehavior!

The worst thing in the case of Postagon is that they claim as if they didn’t plan this from the very beginning. This is an absolute lie and an insult to their customers.

Can Chinese Career Culture Develop Through Beijing Opera

Reputation amongst the Peking Opera scene is a hard earned title, worth blood and sweat during years of disciplined training. There is a lot to learn from a career choice as such, however it is vital to recognize the negative aspects as well.

It is well known that such an old tradition is nothing light minded when it comes to theatre and  etiquette. A perfect example of such masterful performance is the the dazzling Beijing Opera at the Liyuan Theatre venue. There you can show the performers in their true element, which consists of discipline, structure as well as pride in a smooth artistic fashion.

Such an achievement is not always well understood in the western society. The key essence of it all is the unquestionable attitude of the practitioners. One must dedicate themselves to the teacher without any doubt in mind. This not only requires endurance but often requires the task of going against the will of the individual. Only after years of dedication, one can start to see what one has achieved. It is a solution based focus on life, only thinking in the current moment on how to keep on going with the task at hand. Beyond all this is the very last moment when the learning of the highest order becomes part of oneself. It is when you throw away all that you have learned in order to distance yourself from oneself. This is the hardest part of the process and the only way to truly walk you through the moment of realization, which ultimately makes you a master, a teacher of the Beijing Opera art.

Negativity however is often ignored in Chinese culture and can thus work against one self. Walking the path of life without a doubt works for as long as other people respect you. Sometimes at such circumstances there is a need to defend oneself incase of any wrongdoing from the part of others, usually even the people that are closest to you.

Understand the latter aspect of the learning process would truly enable to take Peking Opera into new heights of learning and development. Until such realization the performing art will remain as a look into the history of the Chinese culture and it’s people. A valuable form as such, but moving on could have great benefits to enrich Chinese career life in a form of culture and bring back the true beauty of Chinese opera.

Condeming Communism: Is the US Any Better

Take a common notion that communism is the worst possible system a government could have. Some even think that the nation of 1,3billion is the single biggest threat to the economies of this world. But is China rightfully condemned as such? Perhaps an answer lies in looking into your own belly and seeing if the democratic US really that much better.

The Chinese call themselves as Communist, but in fact they are some of the best capitalist in the world. You don’t have to look far to see that their position in a capitalist world is very strong and it is simply delusional to think that one could achieve such power without playing the capitalist game.

As for the US, they have abandoned old principals of a market economy, which are still used in the republic. Jim Rogers once stated that: “At the moment California is more communistic than China”. It is fair to say that his observation has only strengthened over the years.

While China could have been a great partner in creating balance in the world economy, it is know considered too late for west to be saved. Too long has the western powers been holding on to their believes on the corporation and according to some, this is where the great danger is lurking.

Corporations: The Good and the Bad

There are as many good corporations as there are bad ones. For the smaller it can be a challenge to learn from big corporations but very possible indeed.

The globe is still run by the big corporations and the phenomenon shows no signs of disappearance. The Chinese have shown the well. Because of their huge scope in size, in its safety they can make big investments where others cannot afford to.

When Chinese companies own all the ports in Africa and the railroads leading to them it is also those same moguls that get the profit. These kinds of scenarios are becoming a reality day by day. So instead of corporate power changing it is the ownership that changes. This contains the risk of power going to the hands of just a few people who run the show.

What the smaller companies are learning in return is to find different routes to power. I believe in one day people will have had enough and make use of true innovation.

Follow the story between China & Africa here.

An Artistic Approach to Asia

In aid to my approach to the asian corporate mogul, I have further started approaching the Asian art world. These are thoughts I have gathered so far.

An artwork from another culture is unknown, that’s why I think an attitude that you know nothing about it is the best approach. Once the knowledge of a foreign culture widens you can realize that it was true that you knew nothing about it beforehand. History, languages, religions and everything else that you encounter in a foregin culture are unknown. This makes it all exiting and exotic, worth learning.

Even though the world is globalizing through media and possibilities of travel, cultural differences are still standing and should be understood.

Asia is a huge area, where you have an enormous amount of people with an old cultural heritage. Europeans have stigma as a colonialist mindset as art has been long transported to European museums without permission. Still these explorers have done important documentation work of their findings. The modern day world has changed drastically and the west itself is becoming a sort of museum where the population decreases and ages as companies become less productive.

Asian countries have as much in common as much different in art. The understanding of art should have a certain level of cultural understanding. Asian art, especially in Japan has greatly influenced western art. Before historically and nowadays through the movements in popular trend. A good example is the Manga cartoon movement, which is thriving in the west.

How Does The Lazy West Defend Itself Against The Hard Working Asians?

The Asians respect hard working conditions. It’s interesting to think about how the west which is not used to working so hard competes with it in the global world.

Everyone who has visited Asia has seen the differences in culture. In fact the differences are often seen as opposites. The east represents the collective mind set which emphases on obedience and respect towards authority. The west is the individual based, jewish-christian society with high liberal values.

The east thinks first of the family and then the society as a whole. What makes it so interesting is the strength in values with often very traditional origins. For instance, communist China is not going to confront Europe and the United States politically or ideologically but with tradition originated values such as Taoism or Confucianism.

On an average Asians are more satisfied with their life’s and economy than Americans. The west is starting to admit that which is the first step in confronting the issue. Many books has been published that analyze eastern values in a new light. Understanding of the real nature of competition will eventually lead to action against or for the eastern might. Therefore what will happen is yet to be seen but such an attitude does give positive light to it!

East becoming the West and why I’m heading there

In the east there are some of the so called rising economic powers which refers to the developing economies such as China, India and Russia. In the west the “necessary” has been achieved and the peak of development has been reached. This results in the increase of weakness in a nation, not because of a lazy population filled of it’s needs but because of a deeper root cause of the problematic system itself.

The origins of the social system is of a very problematic origin, meaning that the difficulties  in the creation of a sustainable system created an ambitious struggle to improve livelihood. The solution to this problem however created other problems that we are facing today. It is the nature of human beings to create problems in order to solve them and to improve. This has been happening from century to century where the direction has been more or less the same. First looking for bread, then looking for more and more elaborated goods to satisfy the hunger until everything we have fought for has backfired and threatens the very existence of life itself.

This is the turning point where it looks as if time stands still for a moment, however fear has taken over a great deal of our lives. In fact this is the next evolutionary step to a totally different direction or we will perish along with the system.

What’s interesting about the east is that this point in evolution takes a different shape. Still enjoying the benefits of a rising system, thriving and working hard to become better. Such a nation is more open to embracing the change and everything novel. While the west has to overcome a huge depression to be able to overcome this conflict.

That’s why the powers in the east will go ahead of those in the west. A good example in China is the Beijing kung fu show which has become an overwhelming success all over the world. They too started from scratch and a poor show however thanks to the suggestions of the international crowd that the production team has embraced the show evolved into one of the greatest kung fu shows in the world.

I’m going for a business trip to China and meeting up with China Heaven Creation production team. I come from the super economic origins of the states however what flips my mind is that when I think that in a moment like this we should be learning from the Chinese, it is the Chinese who are willing to open up and listen to western authority. But this is just because they are so smart that they know that their success is still dependent on the west and think they can not use it for fear like in the west but as a huge field of knowledge for improvement.

Another show is held at the Chaoyang Theatre which is facing the threat of destruction located in the heart of the business district. The economic power is so strongly thriven that they seek to destroy everything that’s old and embrace the new. This is the weakness in China that will cause a lot of turbulence and chaos, that the roots have been very much lost. Roots that once use to be extremely strong and powerful are now something unconscious conflicting with the modern way of living.

The nation will be forced to go back and face their history at some point. This also however can become of advantage eventually but such deeply rooted culture molestation is something that does not recover fast.

Heading for Freedom

Getting to grips with life beyond work is a life heading for freedom. But that got me thinking about what it is?

Freedom is relative. One thing to someone and another to someone else. Someone needs the freedom of the mind, freedom from family life, freedom from work or freedom from sickness. You can mean many things with freedom.

I don’t believe in absolute freedom. Everyone is limited by something. It could be moral, social pressure, physical abilities, mental abilities, age, gender etc.

Perhaps freedom is the state of being when you are aware of your own limits and embraces them. Just like a lamb who is in terms with the shepherd, knows where the fences are but works inside it’s own territory in contempt.

That could be my goal.

What’s a Corporation

Have you seen perhaps one of the most important documentaries of our times. Covering the true nature of corporate structure, The Corporation is a full length documentary of Canadian origin. Winner of 26 international awards, including Sundance Film Festival.

It’s based on a book by Joel Bakan it has been provided free on youtube and viewed by millions. So if you are interested in what the corporation really is, then go on and indulge yourself.

I for one am going to indulge myself into some hot cocoa and plan my travels. My game with the corporation is taking some new turns.